Best Things to Do in Sapa

Best Things to Do in Sapa

apa is a laid back, mountainous town in Northwestern Vietnam, blessed with a cool climate throughout the year. The Hoàng Liên mountain range dominates the area, setting a dramatic backdrop for many scenic treks. Just venture out a little to nearby indigenous villages and you’ll be rewarded with views of stepped paddy fields – emerald ripples that flow across entire stretches of valleys. Here’re 5 things you got to do when in Sapa


If you’re travelling all the way up to Sapa, you’re likely thinking of going trekking. With very famous of rice fields, natural world wonder, luscious landscapes, world of mysterious minority cultures warm and friendly people in the north Vietnam, Sapa is really great destination for trekking hiking tour and of course, an adventure of a life time! Tourists can choose the most suitable route depending on their skills and abilities such as Cat Cat or Lao Chai, Ta Van Village for easy trekking. On the way, you will see H’Mong and Dao villages where you can feel the hospitality of local ethnic people and discover ordinary life as well as culture.

sapa trekking


Ride a bike through Muong Hoa Valley Muong Hoa Valley is a good choice if long treks and climbing is not really your thing. Renting a mountain bike gives you the option to venture out a bit further from Sapa town and brings you wonderful experiences. Cycling in mountainous terrain is suitable for people with generally good health and skilled cyclists. Sapa is a great place for exploring on two wheels, but be warned, the roads and paths are pretty steep. To enjoy your adventurous biking tour, you should travel with an experienced tour guide and always follow the mountain biking safety tips.

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Fansipan Climbing 

Many adventurous travelers to Vietnam dream of conquer Mount Fansipan called “the Roof of Indochina” with the height of 3143m. It’s just 20 kilometers from Sapa but the hike is by foot only and leads into a physical challenge ideal for fit trekkers. Without the need for any climbing gear, visitors carry just the bare essentials and can refuel and rest in rustic shelters along the way. Almost all tourists choose the starting point at Tram Ton pass as it is the easiest way. It often takes two or three days to fulfill a conquest of Fansipan. If you decide to make the trip, be sure to book with an experienced local operator. It promises marvelous views of the Hoang Lien mountain range and pristine natural beauty.

fansipan climming

Sapa Market
The market is ideal for becoming familiar with the different tribal characteristics of each of the tribes and to admire the colorful tribal clothing of the local people. The biggest market in Sapa is Bac Ha market which is hold in every Sunday.

sapa market


One of the greatest and most profound ways to delve into Sapa’s interesting culture is through a homestay This is the ultimate cultural experience where you’ll stay with a local family, live and eat alongside them, learn about the different ways of life in the rural, picturesque setting.Homestay families must pass strict government testing and receive food training to offer comfortable, hygienic lodging.

sapa homestay

Bath with herb of Red Dao ethnic minority
The Red Dao people in Sapa have been famous for their secret herbal bath therapy. After long days of sleeping on the train and bus, trekking through forest and mountains, you can totally relax and enjoy soaking in the herbal bath. Medicinal herbs that can only be found in mountainous areas are carefully selected, mixed in unique way for specific kind of illness, typically about 12-14 herbs for each remedy and then boiled in 3 or 4 hours to extract essence. Herbal bath will help reducing stress, tiredness, bringing peace of mind, releasing muscles, and totally relaxing all over the body.

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